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Malaysia PES 2012 by Razor

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Malaysia PES 2012 Patch v5.0 by Razor

This patch is standalone version and will not affect with others patch. Please refer to installation section to install the patch. I will not responsible for any damage caused by this patch.

Full Features:
*Compatible with DLC 4.0 and Konami 1.06
*New National team: Malaysia, Malaysia U23, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam
*New Classic team: Classic Malaysia
*Complete Malaysia Super League 2012 clubs
*Complete Malaysia Premier League 2012 clubs
*Complete Indonesia Super League 2012 clubs
*Complete Singapore League 2012 clubs
*Complete Asian Champion League 2012 clubs
*Added new clubs: Razor FC, LA Galaxy, Al-Sadd
*Correct name, emblem and kits for all clubs
*Play as Malaysian and Indonesian nationality in BAL mode
*A lot of faces for Malaysian player
*Malaysia local Stadium
*New Sponsor (Available via selector)
*Scoreboard (Available via selector)
*Font (Available via selector)
*Unlock Extra Contents
*New launcher

How to Install:
1. Update your game to Konami 1.06 and DLC 4.0. (Link at the bottom)
2. Download “MSL 2012 Patch v5.0.rar” and extract file.
3. Install the patch using “Setup.exe” file to your PES 2012 directory.
4. Start your game by click “MSL 2012 Launcher” icon on your desktop.
5. Make your selection for the game to play and add-on you want to use.
6. Click Play to start you game.

Mediafire | Part1Part2 | Part3Part4Part5 |
Password: razoredit


Konami PES 2012 Patch 1.06 + Crack 1.06 + DLC 4.0

PES 2012 PATCH 1.06 [ letitbit ]
CRACK PATCH 1.06 [ letitbit ]

DLC 4.0 [ mediafire (Password : pesusmy) | letitbit ]

PES2012_Patch1.06.exe.rar [ Rapidgator | Jumbofiles ]

Cara Install :
1.Instal PES 2012 PATCH 1.06
2.Copy Crack 1.06 to C:\Program File\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2012
3.Copy DLC 4.0 to :
Windows 7
copy to C://ProgramData/Konami/ProEvolutionSoccer2012/download
Windows XP
copy to C:\DocumentsandSettings\AllUsers\ApplicationData\KONAMI\ProEvolutionSoccer2012\download


Malaysia Complete Kit 12/13

Malaysia Complete Kit 12/13 [ mediafire ]
Password : pesusmy12

Cara Install :
replace GDB at C:/Games/Pes2012/MSLserver or KITserver/uni/Nation/Asia/Malaysia/

*Selamat mencuba. Try sampai dapat  ;)

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  1. salam broo..
    part4 tu taleh donlod ahh
    cemane ekk?

    1. Boleh jer bro.
      Cuba clear cache browser dulu.

    2. nape Patch & crack 1.06 xbole download?

  2. nak download patch 1.06 n crack berbayar??

  3. download da abis...install pon dah...main pon liga malaysia just ade name je, dlm nye xde yg da ubah, ngan malaysia pon xde dlm nih...cmner nih...toloong

  4. kalau xmahu update kepada 1.06 xpe? aq ade 1.03 . xmahu update sbb ade patch nim penting ngn 1.03

  5. tq bro..sume ok..
    apesal diorg xblh je??plik la..
    best bro..

    1. @KAKI MEJA->mcm mne ko update ke 1.06??nape rmai xleh donlod bnd 2?

  6. CRACK PATCH 1.06 [ letitbit ] xleh nk donlod

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. npe nme die lain cntohnye perak tp nme len..

  9. part 3 ade unlock file. cane bro?

  10. bro nk download part 5 kt media fire xley la die ada mintak code, code apa pulak

  11. Cuba terangkan betul-betul, saya tak faham. Kenapa tekan setup terus tak boleh?

  12. bro..part 2 xley download..mintak tolong repair link..thanks!

  13. bos,
    PES 2012 PATCH 1.06 [ letitbit ]
    CRACK PATCH 1.06 [ letitbit ]
    x leh downloadla..
    ada link lain x?

  14. bro. kalau dah download pes 2013 bole pkai x untuk msl?

  15. bro nak tanya sikit,saya baru download game pes 2012 ,version dia 1.00 macam mana nak terus ke latest update pes malaysia?

  16. bro klau,dia next volume is required cam na

  17. bro tenks bnyak2 .... siap ade classic malaysia..
    tapi azipilicueta xder dlm game nie
    cam ner
    sya nak transfer dia g chelsea

  18. patch LiGA malaysia xboleh downloand.. plizz upload again..

  19. bro, boleh ke download team malaysia je..x nak malaysia punya league...

  20. nape tak leh download..kata file remove due to violation...tolonglah bro..nak malaysia team ni..


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